Fully automated beverage printing

With just one click to the "WOW moment"

Fully automated beverage printing

With just one click to the "WOW moment"

Your logo as a watermark

Easily upload pictures from your smartphone

Latte art printer meets photo box

Quality and technical data

Easy handling

food cartridges

Personalized drinks as an advertising surface for your brand

With our coffee printer you have the possibility to set your logo as a watermark. Once installed, your logo will be automatically printed under each drink. This is how you transform your drinks into the most efficient advertising surface with the push of a button. Your customer posts your drink on social media but forgets to tag you? Not so bad thanks to your logo on the drink. Maximum branding is guaranteed. The watermark function can be used optionally. This can be activated and deactivated at any time. 

  • With automatic company logo integration
  • Save up to 1000 of your own pictures
  • With Selfieccino Camera (Print Without Internet)
  • QR code for your menu card
  • Multilingual software

Easily upload pictures from your smartphone

Menu card integration: QR code in your menu

You can place the QR code for the image upload anywhere you like. Next to the printer, on the counter or directly in your menu or on the tables. This gives your customer the opportunity to send pictures to the printer directly from the table. And thanks to the image upload number, the drinks can always be assigned to the right guests. The uploaded images are stored on the printer and can be printed as often as you like.

The uploaded images are stored on the printer and can be printed as often as you like. 

  • Send images to the printer in seconds
  • Upload pictures from your smartphone or use our large, free picture gallery
  • Web app access with QR code scan
  • With menu card integration: Let your guests send pictures from the table
  • With image upload number 
  • no registration or download necessary

Coffee printer specifications 

cup height

4 - 24cm

print resolution

600 DPI


60 W



Print size

4 - 10 cm



Latte art printer meets photo box

Our SelfieCam, which is included in your coffee printer complete package, gives your guests and customers the opportunity to interact with the printer. This creates the ultimate photo box effect that will have your guests queuing up. Even without an Internet connection, this function can be used without any problems thanks to the USB interface. 

  • Ultimate photo box effect thanks to SelfieCam
  • Can also be used without an internet connection
  • Self-service for your guests possible
  • Selfie camera can be extended at will
  • With image upload number 
Well-known brands that trust us

The printer arrives completely pre-installed so that you can start personalizing your drinks straight away. After just a few minutes, the printer is immediately ready for use. 

Our coffee printer can be operated completely intuitively by anyone without any training. Even by your guests themselves! Operation couldn't be simpler:

1. Put the foamy drink in the printer
2. Select the image on the printer and click "Print". The printing process now runs fully automatically.
3. The personalized drink is ready

Uploading pictures with your smartphone also takes seconds thanks to our user-friendly

Slim, sexy and high quality
The world's slimmest coffee printer

Our coffee printer not only has many functions but also looks good! Thanks to its super slim housing, it fits in every corner and hardly takes up any space. Due to the high-quality workmanship of the printer and its stainless steel surface, it is robust and at the same time a real eye-catcher. 

Integrated 7" LCD touchscreen

Approx. 15 seconds print time

Automatic height sensor

No maintenance intervals

No service fees

Can be used offline and online

Tasteless colors for your 

Cappuccino printer

coffee printer

cocktail printer

Latte art printer

beer printer

We love the taste of coffee, cocktails and beer. What we don't love is when that taste is adulterated. That's why we use completely tasteless food coloring for our cartridges. Our colors are of course harmless to health and they are also vegan!

  • Contain tasteless food coloring
  • Printing colors: brown, black, red, blue, yellow (single colour)
  • 100% vegan, gluten free, halal, HACCP
  • 6 month shelf life - Up to 1000 prints per cartridge
  • Meets strict global safety regulations

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