The possibilities of the mobile Cignature Latte Art printer

The limitless possibilities of Cignatures: More than just simple latte art!

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3D latte art

Let your creativity run free with the Cignature beverage printer!

Whether it's coffee, water ice, a plate or a smoothie - our customers have already inspired their customers in a wide variety of ways with the Cignature beverage printer. And us too! We know the potential of our Cignature beverage printer. Nevertheless, we are always amazed at how different our beverage printer can be used. The Cignature beverage printer is more than just a 3D latte art gimmick. That's exactly what we've noticed again in the last few weeks and months, when we've explored new ways of beverage personalization together with our partners and customers. In this blog we will tell you more about it. Because our goal is to boost your creativity. You might also have a groundbreaking and revolutionary idea on how to use our beverage printers and coffee printers in a new way to further improve the world of beverage personalization!

  •  Beverage personalization is limitless!

  • How can you help improve the world of Coffee Art Printers?

  • Share your personalized drinks with us!

  • Don't have a coffee printer yet? You can get one here!  

Beverage personalization is limitless!

There are many factors that separate a good product from an outstanding product. One factor here is diversity. Manufacturers of terminal blocks have understood this concept well. Why? Well, an infinite number of new things can be built from the various building blocks. The only hurdle: your own creativity! It is similar with personalized drinks. The basic concept of personalizing different drinks with coffee printers and beverage printers provides the basis. How you use this 3D Latte Art Printer is up to you. And the same applies here: The only hurdle is your own creativity and imagination! The beauty of our Cignature beverage printer is that you can print ideas from your head onto the product (yes, not just the beverage) in a matter of seconds. It is not without reason that Colorato's Cignature beverage printer is the fastest beverage printer in the world. One thought, a few clicks and a funny saying has already been printed on the product or surface. This could be a popsicle, a plate, or a piece of cake. Finally, the color of the cartridges is certified and 100% edible!

personalized drink

How can you help improve the world of Coffee Art Printers?

3D latte art

As we have just described, our Cignature beverage printer can be used not only for beverages, but also for surfaces. So why not print plates with the names of your customers? Or label buffets with edible print instead of signs? And these are just a few ideas! Perhaps you have a completely new idea of ​​how to use our coffee printers and beverage printers. Just try it out is the motto here. This is exactly how we and our customers come up with new ideas for personalizing drinks and food! The possibilities are limitless!

Share your personalized drinks with us!

So you own one of our coffee printers or beverage printers and found a completely new way of personalizing beverages or food while using it? Then show us your creativity! Surprise us with your application of the Cignature beverage printer! Just post a picture on Instagram of your personalized drinks (or whatever you would like to personalize and print), and tag us on the picture (@coffeecolorato)! We respond to all submissions and are happy to share them! And if you're not on Instagram, just send us an email to or send us a WhatsApp message (see contact form below)!

beverage printer
Don't have a coffee printer yet? You can get one here!
Latte art printer

Of course, you could be reading this blog right now and thinking: Hey, wait! I don't have a coffee printer or beverage printer yet! But that's not a problem! If you are interested in immersing yourself in the world of personalized drinks, want to inspire your customers and increase your sales, then get in touch with us! We are happy to help you and your café and work together to develop a suitable concept for you, so that you too can use one of our coffee printers or beverage printers can use optimally. We have helped many of our partners bring their drink personalization concepts to their build maximum expectations! And they have shown us in turn what you can get out of our products! Simply contact us using the form below and we will get back to you and arrange a personal meeting. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you!

How do our coffee printers and beverage printers work:

Every café is individual, so personal advice is crucial to your success!
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