The coffee printer and its success story

Success story of Café Kaiserwetter: Become a social media star with the coffee printer!

Café Kaiserwetter

Success story of Café Kaiserwetter: Become a social media star with the coffee printer!

3D latte art

Café Kaiserwetter – The fairy tale about the coffee printer

"Fairy tales are just mythical creatures, none of that would ever happen in the real world!" Let's face it, we've all loved fairy tale stories since we were kids. But the older we get, the more we begin to doubt them. Reality catches up with us and we often become more realists than dreamers. But sometimes these things happen in the real world that are just like a fairy tale! When we heard from our customer Kaiserwetter some time ago that the café's Instagram page now has over 25.000 followers since they bought a Colorato coffee printer, we were amazed too! We know what our coffee printers and beverage printers can do, and we also know that personalized beverage success stories are not isolated cases, they are simply a result of a good execution of the magic behind the Beverage Personalization! Nevertheless, the fairy tale of the Café Kaiserwetter impressed us so much that we would like to tell you more about it in this blog.

  •  The Café Kaiserwetter – A 3D latte art fable world for influencers

  • Kaiserwetter's trade secret: beverage printer

  • How can you take your café to a new level with a Coffee Art Printer?

  • Where can you get a latte art printer?  

The Café Kaiserwetter – A 3D latte art fable world for influencers

In the middle of Potsdam's city center is a small café fairytale world. The Café Kaiserwetter, furnished with great attention to detail, makes the hearts of bloggers and influencers beat faster, because the café resembles a colorful fairytale world. Round marble tables, velvet-covered chairs and flower walls - at Café Kaiserwetter you can quickly forget everyday life for a few minutes and immerse yourself in a wonderful fairytale world. But not only the interior is an absolute eye-catcher! Kaiserwetter's baristas are absolute latte art and cappuccino art professionals and conjure up a true work of art from a simple coffee. In addition to the delicious breakfast and the cake and tart creations made in the in-house confectionery, the flowery café has specialized in unusual hot drinks. And a new addition for some time: Personalized drinks. Ever since then, a Coloranino coffee printer bought from us, the café now also inspires its customers with beverage personalization and selfie coffee and was therefore able to record a huge increase in customers. 

personalized drink

Kaiserwetter's trade secret: beverage printer

coffee printer

According to Kaiserwetter, customers are enthusiastic about the personalized drinks that Kaiserwetter has recently started offering. "Suddenly the latte macchiato goes with the Chanel handbag" and "Customers' eyes light up when we serve them a coffee with their selfie". Colorato's coffee printer has taken beverage sales and social media presence to "a completely new level", because as a regional café, Kaiserwetter has meanwhile collected 25.000 followers on Instagram. By sharing the stylish photos on social media, guests even come from the surrounding federal states just to get their personal selfie coffee and share it on Instagram and TikTok. The trick behind it: The visitors like to take photos of their personalized drinks because they feel addressed and of course they really want to share this. This in turn attracts new customers who have seen the posts on social media and are also enthusiastic about the personalized drinks and selfie coffees.

How can you take your café to a new level with a Coffee Art Printer?

We are convinced that what Kaiserwetter has achieved, you can also achieve in just a few steps! Today's restaurateurs need to find creative ways to stand out from the crowd. The competition is strong and new trends are emerging and spreading faster and faster thanks to the internet. As a restaurateur, you now have to offer more than just good coffee. Kaiserwetter did it and, as just described, inspired customers with personalized drinks and at the same time created a recognition value. The Colorato beverage printer or coffee printer has taken the café to a new level and made it fit for the future! Because one thing is clear: beverage personalization is the future! And adding personalized drinks to your business is best done with Colorato products. Our Coloranino coffee printer, for example, prints your customers' selfies on a coffee, cappucino or any other drink that you can imagine in just a few simple steps. And all this with a certified and 100% edible food coloring. Our Cignature beverage printer uses the same color and is also the fastest beverage printer in the world. With the Cignature beverage printer, you can print funny sayings or the names of your customers on any beverage of your choice in seconds and by hand. Personalization options are here limitless! With a coffee printer or beverage printer from Colorato you will definitely be able to impress your customers!

beverage printer
Where can you get latte art printers?
selfie coffee

This is probably the most important question for you now, because you definitely want to have a sense of achievement like Kaiserwetter. So you're now asking yourself the question, how do I get such a coffee printer or beverage printer? The best way to do this is to simply send us a message! Just like the Café Kaiserwetter did. We are happy to help you and your café and work together to develop a suitable concept for you, so that you too can use one of our coffee printers or beverage printers optimally. We have helped many of our partners build their beverage personalization concepts to their maximum expectations. And we can do that for you too! Simply contact us using the form below and we will get back to you and arrange a personal meeting. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you!

The concept behind our coffee printers and beverage printers:

Every café is individual, so personal advice is crucial to your success!
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