100% vegan, gluten-free, halal and kosher - the beverage printer for everyone!

The 100% vegan 

coffee printer

Vegan Coffee Printer

The 100% vegan coffee printer

Vegan coffee printer

A vegan selfieccino? No problem!

More and more people are opting for a purely plant-based diet. The reasons for this can be very different. It can't be that easy at first to give up animal products completely. A normal cappuccino is prepared with cow's milk, cream and honey are also animal products and therefore excluded from a vegan diet. However, many cafés now offer their creations with alternative products. You might be doing the same and thinking about buying a 3D latte art printer at the same time. With Colorato, however, you don't have to worry! All of our 3D Coffee Art printers are 100% plant-based and certified. With our Coloranino coffee printer you can turn a vegan cappuccino into a vegan selfieccino without any hurdles!

  •  The 100% FDA Certified Coffee Art Printer Food Coloring!

  • Our beverage printers are suitable for every diet!

  • We have our latte art printers packed food coloring under clinical conditions!

  • Offer drink personalization to everyone today!

The 100% FDA Certified Coffee Art Printer Food Coloring!

100% certified FDA Coffee Art Printer food coloring - what does that actually mean? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the US regulatory and market surveillance agency for all foods and medical devices. The FDA thus sets out clear rules as to which devices, materials and products may be used in the production of food, or what may be used as the food itself. This ensures that all food is free from contamination and pathogens. FDA certification means that the certified products are free from these contaminants and pathogens. Our Coloranino coffee printer and the fastest beverage printer in the world are therefore 100% safe for use with food and the food coloring used for the 3D Latte Art is also made for use in the catering industry without hesitation.

personalized drink

Our beverage printers are suitable for every diet!

beer printer

In addition to the FDA certification, our 3D Coffee Art food colors are also suitable for any diet such as a vegan, gluten-free, halal and kosher lifestyle. Neither in the coffee printer food coloring itself nor in the production of this color does it come into contact with animal or gluten-containing products or food. So your customers don't have to worry at all whether their selfieccino might not match their diet! If you have any questions about the food coloring in your coffee printer or beverage printer, you can answer them easily and without hesitation by saying that selficcinos are for everyone! Your customers and you don't have to worry. And very important: The food coloring is of course completely tasteless and odorless!

We have our latte art printers packed food coloring under clinical conditions!

As explained earlier, foodstuffs only receive FDA certification if they also comply with the FDA's production and filling regulations. Our Coffee Art Printer food coloring is therefore filled by our production partner under clinical conditions. With the same method as vaccines and other medical products are filled, our beverage printer color is also put into the cartridges. At the same time, all coffee printer cartridges are vacuumed and thus packed airtight. This is how we guarantee the best possible quality for our 3D Latte Art cartridges.

beverage printer
Offer drink personalization to everyone today! 
coffee printer

So you heard it: none of your customers are left behind with Colorato's personalized drinks! So you also want to impress your customers with modern 3D latte art? Maybe you have Kaiserwetter success story read and would now like to jump right into the world of beverage personalization. We will be happy to help you and your café and work together to develop a suitable concept for you, so that you too can use one of our coffee printers or beverage printers optimally. We have helped many of our partners build their beverage personalization concepts to their maximum expectations. And we can do that for you too! Simply contact us using the form below and we will get back to you and arrange a personal meeting. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you!

THE 100% vegan beverage printer:

Every café is individual, so personal advice is crucial to your success!
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