Fact check: Which coffee printer is right for me?

Coloranino vs Cignature:

Which coffee printer is right for me?

Coffee printer

Coloranino vs. Cignature – Which coffee printer is right for me?

Coffee printer

The right coffee printer for your café

When you surf the Internet, you get really overwhelmed. Too much information, impressions, products and advertising that you often don't recognize as such at first glance. Searching for a topic on the Internet or finding out about a product can often become an exhausting ordeal. This sensory overload is something that many customers tell us when they first want to find out about coffee printers, beverage printers, latte art printers or selfie coffee. And maybe you've just noticed that the confusion often begins with the names of the products. Are they all the same? Are there differences? Which coffee printer can do what? We thought we'd clean up this blog and let our pants down. We will explain what our Coloranino coffee printer can do and, on the other hand, what our Cignature beverage printer can do. Small spoiler: Both devices are awesome, but the Cignature and the Coloranino are designed for different purposes and we have to find out together which product suits you and your café best!

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  • Fact check Coloranino: The world-renowned Coffee Art Printer

  • Fact check Cignature: The fastest beverage printer in the world

  • Which of the two latte art printers is right for my café?  

The 3D Latte Art 1 by 1 - What do all these terms stand for?

Let's start from the beginning. What exactly does "coffee printer", "beverage printer", "selfied printer" or "beer printer" mean? Isn't it all the same? In short, partly yes, partly no. In principle, all terms describe a device with which you can use food coloring to print images or text on various drinks. With this technology, every drink can be personalized in no time at all. Small spoiler, you can even print more than just drinks with it. Read more about it here! But back to the topic. For example, you can use a beverage printer to print the name of your customer or a slogan on a coffee or a beer. But: Not every coffee printer or beverage printer can do everything equally well! In the next two parts, we will explain to you in our fact check what distinguishes our Coloranino coffee printer and our Cignature beverage printer and which of the two has advantages for your business.

personalized drink

Fact check Coloranino: The world-renowned Coffee Art Printer

coffee printer fact sheet

Our Coloranino, or better known as “our world-renowned selfie printer”, is our flagship beverage personalization product. With the Coloranino coffee printer you can print whole selfies or pictures on your drinks. The Coloranino coffee printer prints the certified and 100% edible food coloring ultra-precisely on the drink of your choice. And all this despite a slim and simple design. The device is only 19cm long, 34cm wide and 46cm high and therefore only takes up a small part of your bar work surface. A small tablet is also integrated in the Coloranino coffee printer, which contributes to the easy operation of the device. If things have to be done quickly, the Coloranino coffee printer is also well prepared. On average, you can print 5 drinks per minute with a selfie, for example. And if you don't run a café, but a company that often goes to trade fairs, you can also take the Coloranino coffee printer with you very easily, because the machine only weighs 10 kilograms!

Fact check Cignature: The fastest drink press in the world

Now we come to our Cignature beverage printer, or better known as the fastest beverage printer in the world. The Cignature beverage printer is our sprint king among beverage printers! If you want to print simple words or cool sayings on a drink, then you can do it super easily with the handy Cignature drinks printer. The advantage: the Cignature beverage printer fits in any trouser pocket thanks to its minimalist design and feather-light weight of 255 grams, making it extremely efficient and flexible to use. And as already mentioned, the Cignature is the fastest beverage printer in the world. The entire printing process takes only a few seconds. This even enables beverage personalization in front of the customers at the seat! And very importantly, we also use 100% certified and edible food coloring for the Cignature beverage printer. 

Beverage printer fact sheet
Which of the two latte art printers is right for my café?  
selfie coffee

Well, we have now given you an overview of what our two beverage personalization printers can do. Whether the Cignature beverage printer or the Coloranino coffee printer is the best choice for you, you may still not be able to tell from the gut. But that's not bad at all! We are happy to help you and your café and work together to develop a suitable concept for you, so that you too can use one of our coffee printers or beverage printers can use optimally. Every café or business is individual and therefore it is impossible to give a blanket recommendation here. We have helped many of our partners bring their drink personalization concepts to their build maximum expectations! And we can do that for you too! Simply contact us using the form below and we will get back to you and arrange a personal meeting. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you!

How do coffee printers and beverage printers work:

Every café is individual, so personal advice is crucial to your success!
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